Why dōTERRA?

When people ask me why I chose dōTERRA out of all the other essential oil companies out there, I answer EDUCATION! I have been an avid essential oils users for several years. What started as a way to incorporate great natural smells into my home has become a lifestyle journey to cleaner and healthier first aid and wellness. Essential oils are very powerful, potent substances. Over the years I have seen dōTERRA time and time again provide wonderful, robust education about these “gifts of the Earth.” My faith in dōTERRA was further bolstered by their ministry. I am not speaking of a faith based ministry that most would think of I am speaking of how they really reach out to areas in time of need. An area midwife was led to work with Mercy in Action after the tsunami in the Philippines, she spoke of how dōTERRA had blessed their midwifery practice with essential oils. Everything from Melissa their most expensive oil down to Lavender. The company wonderfully edifying and provide a fantastic product. If you are interested in joining dōTERRA for a discount or as a business here is all the information you will need.

How to Buy:

1. Purchase retail at www.mydoterra.com/simplebaby
(who wants to pay full price?!)

2. *Recommended* Join as a dōTERRA “Wellness Advocate” - with your own wholesale account.  This membership is $35 and gives you a 25% discount off retail prices for a year! This is best way to buy dōTERRA essential oils for your home. This membership includes two free websites, one to order from and one to share with others (optional. but its hard not to share them once you see how helpful they are!). It also means you get added to our AMAZING, supportive facebook group. This group has over 2,000 members and is growing every day. It is a private group and there are hours and hours of reading, education and testimonies. It is the perfect place to get all the support you need to use the oils in your home. There is no further obligation to buy again or to sell the oils and no further fees of any kind. 

Even better – when you join with a kit, this membership fee is waved! 

Enrollment Kits:  http://www.doterra.com/tools/documents/Enrollment_Kit_Flyers.pdf

The most popular are the Family Physician kit, the Home Essentials kit, and the Natural Solutions Kit (picture below).

3. Preferred member – this option is for spas, birth centers and other businesses that buy oils in large monthly quantities over $500. This option can be added to an IPC account to get further discounts. 

To set up your own wholesale account:

1. Visit www.mydoterra.com/simplebaby and choose “Join” in the upper right hand corner or CLICK HERE to be taken directly there.

2. Keep it on “wholesale prices” option

3. Follow the directions to choose a kit and enter your info. 

That’s it, easy peasy! We’d love to have you in our dōTERRA family and help guide and support you as you make dōTERRA part of your every day healthy lifestyle. 

Please contact me to find out what my current enrollment promotion is ~ I will always have a free gift and welcome package for you when you join with me. 

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