Pockets are the most common cloth diaper. They can also be the least expensive version of a modern cloth diaper. Pockets are usually a diaper that has a PUL cover with fleece sewn 3/4 of the way around. Pocket flaps can be present in the front, back, or even middle of diapers. Pocket diapers do require a soaker to be stuffed inside. These can be made of microfiber, cotton, hemp, or bamboo. The upside is that if a baby has special absorbency requirements certain parts of the day (ie. nap or bed time_, pockets can be stuffed accordingly.


  1. Least expensive modern cloth diaper
  2. Customizable absorbency
  3. Customizable thickness



  1. Requires stuffing.

Brands to Look at

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  2. Babykicks
  3. bumGenius 4.0s
  4. Tiny Tush

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